Kubota releases LXe-261 electrically powered compact tractor

Kubota has announced the release of a limited number of LXe-261 compact electric tractors in Europe from April 2023. 

The move by a number of European markets to tighten regulations, included the ban of all diesel vehicles in some towns has encouraged Kubota to research and develop electric tractors, and the new machine has been displayed at several shows this autumn, including SALTEX earlier this month. 

The LXe-261 is equipped with a large-capacity battery that can provide rapid one hour charging and three to four hours of continuous operation. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to quickly charge the batteries during lunch and continue working in the afternoon without losing time.

The LXe-261 includes key features for mowing, hauling, and other green space management tasks, such as an independent PTO, a comfortable HST transmission and several hydraulic outlets.

Read more about the LXe-261 on the Kubota website



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