Kubota Launch M6-001 Utility Series – replacing the MGX

EG Coles Kubota M6-001 Utility

Kubota (UK) Ltd has launched a new, five-model M6-001 Utility series tractor range. As the successor to the MGX models, the M6-001 Utility serie spans 104-143hp, and meets EU Stage V emissions thanks to an improved exhaust after-treatment package that contributes to a lower cost of ownership.

Short wheelbase models include the M6-101U and M6-111U, and both use a 3.8-litre Kubota V3800 four cylinder engine. Maximum power outputs are 104hp and 111hp, with maximum torque figures of 346Nm and 379Nm respectively. These two models weigh 4.3 tonnes, and use a 2.54m wheelbase.

Long wheelbase M6-121U, M6-131U and M6-141U use Kubota’s 6.1-litre V6108 four cylinder engine. Power outputs are 123hp, 133hp and 143hp, with maximum torque figures of 503Nm, 544Nm and 586Nm respectively. These three larger models weigh 4.8 tonnes, and use a 2.68m wheelbase.

There’s more information about the new M6-001 Utility range on the Farm Machinery website. 

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