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Kubota M6-001 Utility

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Launched in early 2022, the M6001 Utility is Kubota’s new tractor series, designed for every job.


Kubota’s M6001 Utility is a multipurpose tractor series designed to provide efficiency and user-friendliness in equal parts.

The M6001 Utility range, which stands out for its manoeuvrability and convenient design, is the successor of Kubota’s MGX series. The new M6001 Utility range is designed for extensive dairy and livestock farms, cereal fields, and municipalities. With the introduction of this new range, Kubota aims to complement the current heavy duty M6002 Series with additional lighter models. In fact, the M6001 Utility is a versatile tractor ideally conceived for any type of farmer, and can be used either as a main tractor or as a second tractor to perform lighter tasks.

Available from 102 hp to 141 horsepower with either a small or large chassis, the new M6001 Utility provides stability, comfort, manoeuvrability, and efficiency. Thanks to its range of new Stage V engines; a 3.8L engine is matched with the small chassis (short wheelbase) version and a 6.1 L engine is fitted with the large chassis (long wheelbase) version, the M6001 Utility can be adapted to any type of field, farm or task. In fact, both the small chassis and the large chassis options offer an excellent combination of maneuverability and stability, and are available with front axle suspension for optimal comfort.

Featuring ergonomically located controls, a standard sunroof for top visibility, as well as an increased lifting capacity of up to 6100 kg operated from the armrest, the M6001 Utility is an incredibly convenient tractor and constitutes the perfect choice for any farm worker or owner.

Its electro-hydraulic shuttle combined with the 8 powershift transmission provides maximum productivity and operating comfort during transportation and front-loading tasks.

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